About Us

McSence Conference Centre , based in Buckie House, McSence Business Park was opened in 2007 by John Swinney, Minister for Finance and Sustainable Development. The Conference Centre provides a first-class venue which is available to public, private and charitable organisations.  A variety of seminar and meeting rooms are available, as well as break-out and dining areas.  All rooms are fully accessible and enjoy the benefits of natural light and ventilation.

McSence Conference Centre is part of the services provided by McSence Communications Ltd, part of the McSence Group. This award winning social enterprise was formed in 1988 as a response by the community of Mayfield to the devastating effects of pit and factory closures in the area. Incorporated as a charity, the McSence Group is comprised of a number of operating companies that provide a wide range of services.

McSence is owned by the community in which it is based and is governed by an unpaid board of volunteer directors. All profits made by the group are either invested in new business ventures and used to create further employment opportunities or returned to the community in the form of grants to voluntary bodies or individuals in need.

In addition to providing excellent facilities for Clients, the Conference Centre also supports local groups within the Community by allowing them the use of the facilities for their particular needs.  In supporting and using our state of the art facilities you are directly benefiting local community groups.